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About Acregreen

Welcome to Acregreen, where innovation meets sustainability in the face of global food challenges. In a world strained by land overuse and climate uncertainties, our automated vertical farming technology stands as a beacon of change. We are dedicated to on-site, reliable, and sustainable animal feed production, combating water scarcity and reducing dependency on external markets. Acregreen not only doubles nutrient value and eliminates food waste but also significantly lowers methane emissions from livestock. Our mission is clear: to build local, reliable agricultural supply chains, ensuring a secure, quality, and cost-effective feed source. Join us in reshaping the future of agriculture towards a greener, more sustainable tomorrow.


Our Mission

At Acregreen, our mission is to revolutionize agriculture in the face of global challenges. We strive to tackle the impending food crisis by introducing innovative, sustainable solutions that address issues of overtaxed land, water scarcity, and climate change.

Value Proposition

Uncover the unique value Acregreen offers to livestock farmers. From improved feed security to cost-effective, environmentally friendly solutions, our value proposition is centered on building local, reliable agricultural supply chains. Explore how Acregreen empowers farmers to feed livestock sustainably, on-site, and at a lower cost than imported alternatives.

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