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About AcreGreen

AcreGreen introduces an innovative automated vertical farming technology, producing on-site, sustainable, and nutritious animal feed. This not only eliminates food waste but also contributes to a healthier planet. By 2050, over half the world's population will rely on locally sourced food, and AcreGreen is at the forefront, reshaping agriculture for a zero-hunger future.


Acregreen technology produces thousands of tons of fresh animal feed every day, all year round – addressing the multiple issues of imported animal feed


Our automated animal feed vertical farming technology intensively grows animal feed from seed to feed in less than seven days.

This innovative system will work anywhere that has power and water available and will produce thousands of tons of animal feed every day, all year round. 

Fresh animal feed improves digestion and absorption and uses less energy in doing so. This enables the animal to use the energy for activities such as reproduction, weight gain and more efficient waste management.

One acre of aeroponic units is the equivalent of over 500 acres of arable land and has the capability to use more than 90% less water.

This greatly reduces the reliance on imported animal feed which has supply chain issues, food security concerns, reliability and quality problems, and all contribute to increasing greenhouse gas emissions.

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Advanced Infrastructure

  • Resilient infrastructure with airtight design. 

  • Able to handle harsh climatic conditions.

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Energy & Water Efficient

  • Advanced HVAC and airflow enables crop growth whilst reducing energy costs.

  • Specific LED lighting speeds up crop cycle.

  • Water recycling techniques will bring 95% reduction in water usage.

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AI Crop & Mold Growth

  • Developing AI sensor to monitor and detect mold on crop.

  • Sensor to monitor water, light and plant growth with intelligent adaptation.

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Multi-crop Growth

  • System is built for diversification of crop.

  • Multi-crop growth enables more on-site feed supplied and less reliance on external supply chains.

  • Enabling lower costs and healthier livestock

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Streamlined Automation

  • Automation of seeding and harvesting enables smooth and efficient growth.

  • Minimal requirement for labour reduces cost.

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  • Acregreen will offer renewable energy powered systems.

  • Alliance with off-grid solar and wind energy company to enable carbon neutral / carbon negative animal feed vertical farms.

Our Impact

How do you create sustainable, healthier livestock which have a lower impact on the environment?

Acregreen technology produces thousands of tons of fresh animal feed every day, all year round – addressing the multiple issues of imported animal feed


Reduce Land Use


Alleviate Water Scarcity


Decrease Pesticides


Increase Animal Welfare


Enable Food Security


Reduce GHG Emissons

Environmental Sustainability

Sustainability and efficient use of our earth’s natural resources is at the core of what we are achieving at Acregreen.
9 from 17 Sustainable Development Goals are a key priority for Acregreen.

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No Poverty

Acregreen will work to provide its technology in harsh climatic environments to enable farmers in developing nations to provide sustainable feed for their livestock.

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Magical Deserts

Acregreen will use solar and wind as its primary source of energy in remote and off-grid locations.

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Magical Deserts

Acregreen will do more, with less, reducing energy consumption, water uses and greenhouse gas emissions.

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Magical Deserts

Acregreen will increase food security, nutrition and sustainable agriculture across the globe.

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Magical Deserts

Acregreen is building resilient, sustainable and innovative infrastructure which will enable livestock farming to be more sustainable.

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Magical Deserts

Acregreen aims to dramatically reduce the climate impacts livestock production has on the plant by being more efficient with the earth’s natural capital and producing a more healthy crop for animals.

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Magical Deserts

Acregreen engages in sustainable water management practices.

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Magical Deserts

Acregreen will create more sustainable and local supply chains for livestock production, enabling more resilient communities.

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Magical Deserts

Acregreen technology frees up critical land mass for regeneration and to reverse land degradation and biodiversity loss.

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